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About The Event

Hello, we are Praises For Yahweh Band, a family band that has been writing and performing worship/original music for over 10 years.

Somewhere along the way, our dad had a vision, a dream for a Sacred Name/Messianic/Hebrew Roots band camp that would take our music to the next level.

That is when Winter Musician's Fest 2016 was born.

We created a schedule filled with inspirational speakers, educational workshops and bonus jam time.
The response was overwhelming, as young musicians connected, built bands and grew intensely in musical knowledge.
They were so excited about the event that we extended the conference to a full 5 day band camp.

This year, WMF aims to nurture musicians into the ultimate goal: producing/recording, selling and ultimately, performing their music.
We encourage all youth to participate, but this event is for young and old alike! Come and enjoy the food, fun and fellowship along with learning
how to better worship our Creator and utilize our talents.

We took your suggestions and are including topics this year such as:

  Worship Dance Creative Writing  
  Social Media Music Visuals  
  Stage Confidence Instrument Classes  

Are you ready to fellowship, learn and grow in music like you never have before? Come to WMF 2018!
Curious about what to expect? Check out the gallery from last year's Winter Musician's Festival!

Our Team

Micaela Avalos
- Event Coordinator/Planner
Sarah Avalos
- Web & Graphic Designer
Hannah Avalos
- Social Media Coordinator

Yahweh's Restoration Ministry
- Website

Are you ready to grow?