WMF 2018 | Registration

Welcome to the Registration Page!

Thank you for choosing to come to Winter Musician's Fest 2018!
If you would like to take part in our event, please fill in your details in the Event Registration Form below. Please take your time to review the form completely before submitting. Note: Breakfast and dinner are included in the cost of registration, but lunches are on your own. We ask that all attendees bring a dish to share at the fellowship meal after Sabbath Services.

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  • If you are registering as a family, how many are in your family?

  • If you register as a family, please enter the names of those coming with you and whether they are male or female and/or married. Unmarried children living in your household qualify as family. If single, put I am single:

  • We have many opportunities for you volunteer at WMF 2018!
    Many hands make light work! Please choose an option below:

  • Registration Breakdown Cost:

  • *Family: Defined as a family consisting of two (or one, if you are a single parent) married parents and their children (biological, adopted and step-children)
    You will see two fees below, the registration fee (varies for singles & families), which includes food, cost of materials and attendance and the housing/facilities fee is for using YRM's facilities and that fee is $10 per person, per night.
    We ask that you check the box below and choose if you are coming as a single or a family. After checking the box, calculate your housing fee depending on the type of lodging you choose.
    EXAMPLE: Say you are a family of 3, staying for 3 nights. Check the box for (Family - $50.00). Then, figure in $10 per person and for each night you are staying in the dorms/RV, which comes to $30 x 3 = $90. Then add the $50 registration fee: $90 + $50.
    Total registration cost: $140
    We want everyone to attend, so if you do not have the finances to attend Winter Musician's Fest 2018, please contact us and we will do our best to work something out!
    Contact us at: contact@praisesforyahweh.org
    Or:  573-826-5993 :

  • If you are staying in another housing location besides the YRM dorm facility, please check: "I am staying off-site and will only be paying the registration fee".


  • Please enter your calculated registration total (Cost of registration plus cost of lodging at YRM (Cost: $10 per person, per however many nights you stay). If you are staying off-site, just enter in registration cost. . You will be redirected to a PayPal page to enter your registration total.

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