Chris Avalos - CEO, Ministry Leader and Music Producer, Manager, Dad, Lead Vocalist
About Our Family: For quite some time we (me and my wife Luann) have felt  compelled to share our musical talents with others in hopes to encourage and uplift.  We believe in Yahweh the Father and His Son Yahshua the Messiah, the Seventh-day Sabbath, and keeping of the annual Feasts (moedim). In the past, we have focused our talents to one Assembly (location).  We feel that in these latter days that our desire is to share our gifts and spread Yahweh's Truth to as many in the Body of Messiah as possible! These pages and this website are a resource for Sacred Name, Messianic, and Hebrew Roots believers. We reside in Central Missouri with our four children: Micaela (22), Sarah (20), Hannah (18), and Nathaniel (16). 

Luann Avalos - Executive Assistant, Pianist, Mom
Occupation: Luann writes music, plays the piano, keyboard, including organ, guitar and recorded effects. She also works as a bookkeeper/accountant, manages her children and enjoys writing articles for the website and her blogs.

Micaela Avalos - Oldest Sister, Lead Vocalist, Tech Genius, Organizer 
Occupation: Micaela writes music, plays the acoustic + electric guitar, piano and bass. She also works as a computer technician + sales associate and enjoys organizing youth events, leading/listening to music and being around her family (not excluding pets).


Sarah Avalos - Middle Sister, Bassist, Video + Web Coordinator

Occupation: Sarah writes music, plays the bass, piano and acoustic guitar. She also works as the video editor/producer, graphic + web designer for PFY and enjoys baking, photography and spending time with her family.


Hannah Avalos - Youngest Sister, Drummer, Lead Vocalist + Songwriter Extraordinaire
Occupation: Hannah writes amazing, complex music and plays the piano and drums. She also works as the PFY social media analyst and enjoys mentoring others, checking out upcoming bands, reading inspiring quotes and spending time with her family. 

Nathan Avalos - Youngest Brother, Percussionist, Adventurer
 Occupation: Nathan plays some percussion and is learning to sing. He also loves making his sisters (and others) laugh + smile and enjoys playing outside, wrestling and spending time with his family.