Yoga is a form of excercise that swept the world with its immensely popular program of relaxation and spiritual enlightenment.
However, behind its seemingly innocent facade, yoga is actually an ancient Hindu mystic discipline. Discover the truth behind yoga!

                       The title question above has been a struggle for True Believers. As we draw closer to Yahshua’s return,
                       our quest for a better way of praise and worship should be in our thoughts and actions especially on Yahweh’s Sabbath.

                       Many opinions abound on dancing, but this article delves into the Bible to find out what our Creator has to say about this
                       expression of worship.

                       Yahshua or Yeshua? It is a question that has been a source of contention between believers for many years.
                       We take a close look into the origins of each Name and why we would use one over another. 

                       Although we do our best to live like Messiah and keep our life free from the world, the pagan practice of celebrating one's
                       birth still remains apart of many believer's lives.

                      Separating the facts from the tradition, this article intends to show the believer the true meaning of Atonement. 

                      Why do we go to the polls every four years to elect an official who is morally questionable and outside of our belief system?
                      Can we truly justify this action and believe that if we elect a "conservative" somehow our country will change for the better?
                      Find out more in this informative article.

                      A few years ago, Facebook quizzes such as "What color are you?" or "What is your spirit animal?" have made their way
                      across the internet. At first glance, they may appear harmless, but a deeper look into these quizzes may have you
                      rethinking their intent.

                     Our society is being threatened by the perverse action that is homosexuality, and even religious leaders are are condoning it.
                     Take a look at the scriptures many use to justify this act and come to a Biblical understanding of homosexuality. 

                     Countenance and obedience are some of the most important things for us believers to understand.
                     We have a duty to radiate peace and carry out Yahweh's (and man's) laws as best as possible during our time on earth.

                    As ancient as headcoverings are, the modern woman might be quick to dismiss them as an archaic practice. However, with
                    careful study, we can understand the importance of headcoverings in the Bible as a symbol of modesty, submission and worship.