Doritos Nacho Cheese Unclean
A few years ago Frito Lay stated the the cheese enzyme in their chips came from porcine enzymes.  Their response is in the email below:

                                                                 *Response from Frito-Lay 2009

Recently when contacting them they stated the enzyme used in their chips come from non-porcine enzymes.

                                                                 *Response from Frito-Lay 2012


Great Value Cheese (Block and Shredded) Unclean

We have contacted the Great Value Product line and were told that the source for enzymes in their block and shredded cheese cannot be determined if it comes from beef, pork, microbial or all three!  They cannot give a written document stating this but you can call their product line at: 1-877-505-2267

Central Dairy/Prairie Farms

Central Dairy/Prairie Farms milk is considered kosher.  The source for the Vitamin D3 comes from lanolin wool.

                                                                         Response from Central Dairy

Leavening Items - Leavening ingredients to watch for during
Passover and Unleavened Bread:

*Sodium Bicarbonate in Hainz Sea Salt

*Air freshners, various filters may contain baking soda

*Some bottled water may contain sodium bicarbonate

Little Debbie/Sunbelt/McKee Foods

  This company states that the mono & diglycerides in their products are from vegetable sources. The only animal source in their products comes from beef in the items that contain gelatin.


Some wax coating on fruits and vegetables are unclean

Are vegetables and fruit waxes kosher?

Pharmaceutical glaze - many different uses and names of food grade shellac

Shellac - what is shellac?

****This coating cannot be considered vegetarian because in most cases it probably contains crushed insects. In the tablet manufacture trade, it is sometimes referred to as "beetlejuice" for this reason****


Important food tidbits:

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The Food Safety Modernization Act

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Red and processed meat raises cancer risk:

Red meat and increased risk of death

Daily red meat raises chances of dying early

Study links red meat to cancer

Survival Kits & Links:

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Important information about parental rights and homeschooling
(The possibility of your parental and homeschooling rights be taken away are just a vote away)

United Nations: No more parental rights

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Colleges determine the validity of high school diplomas

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