This page showcases our music, some which are covers of children's songs and others which are originals.
Enjoy! CD's of our music are available upon request by email..
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I Have The Joy    
1. I Have The Joy Lyrics
2. I Love You Yah Lyrics
3. The Butterfly Song Lyrics
4. Arky, Arky Lyrics
5. Children of Yahweh Lyrics
6. The Wa Wa Song Lyrics
7. In His Time Lyrics
8. Behold What Manner Lyrics
9. Are You Washed in The Blood? Lyrics
10. I'm In Yahweh's Army Lyrics
Sheep In The Wilderness    
1. L-O-V-E Lyrics
2. Sheep In The Wilderness Lyrics
3. Jonah's Trials Lyrics
4. Tell It Again Lyrics
5. Amen Praise Yahweh Lyrics
6. This Little Light/Give Me Oil Lyrics
7. The Ten Commandments Lyrics
8. The Faith Song Lyrics
9. Yahweh Be Glorified Lyrics