The Bailey Family

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We are the Bailey Family, aspiring to live life as the Father leads, placing him at the helm of all that we do.
As Believers, we (Robert + Lisa) have endeavored to raise our family according to Biblical truth and values. That journey has led us down unexpected paths that have resulted in exciting discoveries and many blessings.
One such discovery has been the truth of the Sabbath and the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith we both embraced when younger.
Learning the truth of the Bible and the interconnectedness of the Old and New Testaments has been life changing for the entire Bailey Family! Music has always been a part of home life in the Bailey household. For many years, Robert worked as a musician in the secular world and introduced the children to instruments and singing at an early age.
While they all enjoyed playing the piano when young, their music took a more serious turn after leaving their home in Florida and moving to the backwoods of Oklahoma. They began singing gospel songs under the direction and tutelage of their father.
The older ones also began to take a more serious approach to using their instruments and voices as their skill levels increased. They now write, compose, sing, and produce their own music using the talents Yahweh (God) has given them.
We have been blessed to share our music ministry at several venues throughout Oklahoma over the past several years and are enthusiastically looking forward to what Yahweh has in store for the future. We currently reside out in the country in the small town of Wilburton, Oklahoma where we enjoy the beauty of the Father’s creation on a daily basis.

The Bailey Family will be performing at WMF 2018. See them sing here:
The Bailey Family "Miracles"