Dan + Agniya Grieve

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Dan studied Music Performance - Classical Guitar, and toured internationally with a performance group for 3 years. Being exposed to the technical side of theater, he crossed over to his passion of sound engineering. He has worked professionally as a Sound Designer and Audio Technician for various artists and theater productions and has been involved with several events serving on both sides of planning and implementation.
Agniya graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Event Management, then specialized in Audio Visual Communications. Since her teenage years, she has enjoyed acting in multiple theater groups and especially enjoyed being a "shadow" actor - acting while interpreting musical shows for a deaf audience.
Once coming to the faith, both Dan and Agniya used and developed their individual talents (Dan - audio/sound/worship leading, Agniya - event management & praise dancing) to come together and praise the Father. They have had experience leading worship and teaching dance at their local congregation for many years. Now they have a desire to travel and share their talents with others.
Dan will be doing the following workshops/presentations:
Worship, Classical Guitar, Musical Worship Presentation
Agniya will be leading praise dance during worship.

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