Jason Sanchez

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Jason is a multi-talented live performer and traveling musician.
He is accomplished on many instruments including: Drums, bass guitar, electric/acoustic guitar, piano, baritone ukulele, and vocals. Jason began his musical career during his freshman year at highschool, with his father, playing in worship bands and also various high school bands.
He is also a recent graduate of Ranger Junior College with an Associates of Arts in Music. While in college he was a full time singer in the Ranger College Choir.
For over 7 years Jason has enveloped himself in the desire to adapt his skills to various bands/musical groups. He aims to help the beginner musician develop their talents and also continue to learn more advanced music techniques for himself. Presently, Jason is a full-time worship service musician at the Assembly of Yahweh in Cisco, TX.

Jason will be leading the Vocal Workshop with Hannah Avalos.

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