Our Vision

Praises For Yahweh Ministries started as Praises For Yahweh Band in early 2006 with Chris Avalos and his family: Luann (wife), Micaela, Sarah and Hannah. Chris was of Catholic background and Luann was a Seventh Day Adventist, but after discovering the Hebrew Roots/Sacred Name/Messianic faith, they moved from their home in California to the central state of Iowa.

In Iowa, their eldest daughter Micaela Rae was born and they began in life there, living and working. In summer 1998, Chris was led to move to Missouri to be near an assembly of like faith, and later that year their second oldest, Sarah, was born in Missouri.

After Sarah was born, Chris and Luann were incorporated into the worship team at their local assembly, with Chris on bass and Luann on piano. They began playing music more and more, and soon added Micaela (4) and Sarah (2) to the band as vocalists.

This setup continued as the girls got older, but soon changed as more siblings were born: Hannah (2000) and Nathan (2002). In 2006, the family was complete and the girls were still singing as well as learning a variety of instruments: bass, drums, guitar and piano. As their talents progressed, Chris and Luann decided it was time to start an official band and website. They named their ministry Praises For Yahweh Band and launched the website: praisesforyahweh.org.

The family began traveling to various states all over the country, including: Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Nebraska, Tennessee, Illinois and Michigan to sing and fellowship with brethren of like faith. During this time, Chris began giving messages and writing articles for PFY's website on the beliefs he felt strongly about. Luann also contributed articles and started various blogs for herbs, autism (her youngest child and son, Nathan was diagnosed with autism) and homeschool (all the Avalos children were homeschooled and have graduated).

In 2005, Chris recorded PFY's first album, a children's CD with classic songs such as: I Have The Joy, The Butterfly Song, Arky Arky and more. Many young children loved it and played it every night as they went to sleep. The album was so well received they made a second children's album in 2008, featuring PFY's first original song: Sheep In The Wilderness.

Although the children's CD's were huge successes, PFY felt it was time to move on to a wider audience and soon produced a current total of 6 CD's for the brethren to enjoy. These CD's span a variety of genres and include a combined total of over 30 original songs.

In December of 2018, Jason Ryan Sanchez, who is currently courting Sarah Avalos, joined Praises For Yahweh and recently played with them at Proclaim 2019. He plays guitar, bass, piano and drums, as well as he sings. He looks forward to continuing many more musical projects with the Avalos family.

Over the years PFY has traveled, sang and sold CDs to share their music, which has blessed many people. PFY owes their success to the large majority of people who have supported their ministry over the years, whether it be financially, spiritually or with general encouragement. They are very grateful to everyone who demonstrates their interest and love for this ministry, which allows the Evangel to be spread!

Currently, the Avalos family continues to run their computer repair business, sing and travel for various events, volunteer at their local assembly, and are currently working on their next album, You Are The Fire!

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