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Kerry Alexander

Kerry Alexander is a well-known Messianic musician who has written many songs based on Scripture and inspiration from his Heavenly Father. He has been blessed with a servant's heart and the ability to make music that touches hearts.

Praises For Yahweh

Praises For Yahweh is a family band that has been writing songs and leading worship since 2002. They have written over 40 songs between them and have released 6 albums, not including 2 children's albums.

Howard & Lisa Parsons

This kind-hearted duo with over 15 years of musicial experience entertain with worship music, laced with bluegrass overtones. They currently lead worship at their local hometown assembly.

Tammy Robinson

Tammy Robinson has been playing, singing and writing music for many years. She has been blessed by the Heavenly Father to be able to share her songs with the world.